Terry cloth army green

Terry cloth army green

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This wonderful towelling fabric is very versatile. Thanks to its exceptional ability to absorb moisture, it’s perfect for towels, blankets and bathrobes.

It goes without saying that natural fibers are better than synthetics, and for a couple of reasons. First, they come from nature, while synthetic materials are made from chemicals. Second, they are hypoallergenic and perfect for those with high skin sensitivity. 

kaal 340 g/m2
kasutusalad rätikud, hommikumantlid, pluusid
koostis 90% puuvill 10% polüester
laius 155 cm
omadused vettimav, nahasõbralik, pehme, tugev
pesujuhis 30 kraadi masinpesu, pleegitamine keelatud, triikimine 1 punkt, keemiline puhastus lubatud, trummelkuivatus keelatud
sertifikaadid Oeko-tex™ 100
värv sõjaväe roheline