Softshell blue duck

Softshell blue duck

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The Softshell fabric consists of three layers: an outer polyester, a membrane and an inner, short-haired DOWN TYPE fleece (which gives the user comfort and warmth). Thanks to its construction, the fabric is completely windproof and breathable. To a certain extent, it is also waterproof, absorbs no water, dirt or impurities.

The material is ideal for jackets, sportswear / trekking clothing. You can also create original pants from it.

kaal 310 g/m2
kasutusalad jakid, joped, spordirõivad, lasteriided
koostis 100% polüester
laius 145 cm
omadused tuulekindel, hingav, veekindel, soe, mugav
pesujuhis 30 kraadi masinpesu, pleegitamine keelatud, triikimine 1 punkt, keemiline puhastus lubatud, trummelkuivatus keelatud
värv sinine