Rib dark red

Rib dark red

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High-quality cuff/waistband material in terrific colours. Smooth 1x1 ribbing.

It goes without saying that natural fibers are better than synthetics, and for a couple of reasons. First, they come from nature, while synthetic materials are made from chemicals. Second, they are hypoallergenic and perfect for those with high skin sensitivity.

kaal 285 g/m2
kasutusalad dresside, kleitide, pluuside, varrukate ääristamiseks
koostis 95% puuvill 5% elastaan
laius 35 cm
omadused sileda pinnaline, nahasõbralik, veniv, pehme
pesujuhis 30 kraadi masinpesu, pleegitamine keelatud, triikimine 1 punkt, keemiline puhastus lubatud, trummelkuivatus keelatud
sertifikaadid Oeko-tex™ 100
värv tumepunane