Jeans repair cloth light blue

Jeans repair cloth light blue

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Iron-on Patch delight not only children but also adults. Will excel not only on clothing but also accessories such as bags, tablecloths, placemats, pillows etc.

User manual: 

1) On a clean dry cloth/fabric lay the application, the fabric can not be starched. 

2) Place it on the ironing board so that the iron-on patch is underneath the fabric. 

3) Set the iron to 150 ° C. 

4) Iron under more pressure for 8-10 seconds, then allow to cool.

We recommend to sew the patches to clothing to avoid peeling off after washing.

kasutusalad riiete parandamiseks ja kaunistamiseks
koostis 90% puuvill 10% polüetüleen
laius 95 mm x 125 mm
värv helesinine